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Candela Laser Repair

candela laser repair

The reality is that sometimes multiple parts can go bad due to wear and tear over time. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote for your Candela Laser Repair needs. We can help troubleshoot most common problems over the phone.

Candela Repairs

Need reliable Candela Laser repair services? 1 Stop Laser can help you get your Candela laser or handpiece back in service as fast as possible. We carry only OEM Candela laser parts in our inventory; everything from high voltage power supply parts to fibers.

Candela Laser issues we can help with include

  • Candela error codes
  • Laser won’t turn on – this is usually the power supply
    • Often caused by power surges, electric shorts, lightening strikes

Candela Power Supply Repairs

Candela Power Supply Repairs are our specialty. 1 Stop Laser carries high voltage power supply equipment for the following Candela lasers:

  • GentleMax Pro
  • GentleLase Pro
  • GentleYag Pro
  • GentleLase
  • GentleMax
  • GentleYag

This includes all Mini and Plus systems as well.

It’s time for a new power supply when you are receiving an HVPS error message on your Candela laser. This is an indicator for that the power supply is failing. We can repair this for you with our OEM power supply units. 1 Stop Laser will travel to your location and replace the unit for you. Our turn around time is quick as we already have these parts in stock. Contact us today or call (561) 907-7867 to get immediate service for your equipment.

Special note regarding Candela Laser power supplies:

  • Regular maintenance for your equipment is extremely important. Just like a car needs regular oil changes and tune ups, your cosmetic laser systems requires regular annual routine maintenance in order to function correctly. If your equipment is undergoing heavy usage, we recommend your system undergoes a thorough maintenance check to prevent any unwanted failures. Overtime heavy usage of your equipment will result in other components being worn down or operating less effectively. This places additional stress on your power supply causing it to eventually fail due to overload. Our preventive maintenance services includes cooling system inspection, system output verification, calibration of equipment and a review of all internal parts.

Don’t wait for this to happen, contact us today to find out more about our maintenance plans. Plan ahead and schedule downtime for your Candela laser – you can ship the unit to us or we can travel to you.  Complete our contact form for more information.

Candela Handpiece Repairs

candela handpiece repairWe can provide Candela handpiece repair services for most Candela laser systems. Following is a list of the most common handpieces we repair for Candela lasers:

  • GentleMax Pro / GentlleMax
  • GentleLase Pro / GentleLase
  • GentleYag Pro / GentleYag

Common repairs for the GentleMax, GentleLase and GentleYag series include:

  • Reset Shot Count
  • Replace damaged fibers
  • Polish crystal
  • Clean cavity
  • Repair or replace wiring
  • Replace optic cable
  • Flash lamp replacements
  • Test energy output
  • Re-calibrate handpiece

Candela Laser Equipment Repairs

1 Stop Laser provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services for Candela lasers. Whether it is schedule maintenance or emergency service, we can help with our qualified technicians. And as a third party provider we can save you money on expensive manufacturer repairs. Our services offered include:

  • On-Site Service
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repairs at Our Facility

We repair the following Candela laser equipment:

  • Pro Series: GentleMax, GentleYag, GentleLaser
  • GentleLase, GentleMax, GentleYag (including Mini and Plus)
  • Smoothbeam
  • Trivantage
  • V-Beam and V-Beam Perfecta

Following is a list of the most common repairs we conduct – note this is not an all inclusive list:

  • Power Supply Repairs
  • Distance gauges
  • Water pump
  • Cooling system
  • Flow tubes
  • Circuit boards
  • Window repairs for the Pro series
  • Focus lens repairs
  • Cryogen heater
  • Foot Pedal replacements
  • Flash Lamp replacements
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