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Cosmetic Laser Repair

Professional and Reliable Medical Laser Repair Services

1 Stop Laser offers comprehensive medical laser repair services for a large variety of aesthetic laser equipment. Our cosmetic laser repair technicians are highly experienced in repairing leading brands of medical lasers, such as Syneron, Candela, Cynosure, Alma, Palomar and more.

Types of Medical Lasers We Can Repair?

IPL equipment, RF technology, elos technology, solid state laser diode, Nd:YAG, q-switched, Alexandrite, pulsed dye, CO2, erbium and more.

Why Choose 1 Stop Laser for Medical Laser Repair Services?

Manufacturers charge extremely high prices to repair cosmetic lasers that are out of warranty and may even top that off with an unnecessary re certification fee. We offer the same value at far more reasonable prices, use OEM parts and have very fast repair times. We even provide free troubleshooting over the phone.  Call today – our technicians can help you get your equipment up and running again.

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cosmetic laser repair

Cosmetic Laser Repair Services
We Perform

  • Power Supply Repair or Replacement
  • Laser Calibration
  • Handpiece Repairs
  • Replace handpiece outer shells
  • Replace flow tubes
  • Replace fibers
  • Replace crystals
  • Replace diodes
  • Touch screen repairs and replacements
  • IPL lamp replacements
  • Repair light guides
  • Cooling system repairs / replacements
  • Repair circuit boards and computer boards

and many other services. We also provide regular maintenance service for aesthetic equipment. Call us today to find out about our service plans.

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