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Syneron Handpieces for Sale

We carry a wide range of used Syneron handpieces that are in excellent condition at great savings. These applicators have been fully refurbished, calibrated and tested for performance. Contact us today to get pricing on one or more Syneron handpieces.

Following are the handpieces we carry for each of the Syneron systems.

Syneron Laser Handpieces

syneron applicators for sale

Syneron Laser Applicators in Stock

  • AC

  • DSL

  • DS

  • WR

  • WR

  • WR-DS


  • SRA

  • LV

  • LVA

  • Matrix IR

  • Matrix RF

VelaShape & VelaSmooth Handpieces

velashape applicators

VelaShape / VelaSmooth in Stock

  • Large – Vsmooth

  • Small – Vcontour

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