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Syneron Laser Repairs

Syneron Laser Repairs

syneron laser repair

Syneron Laser Repairs

1 Stop Laser specializes in Syneron laser repair services and we can repair any of their base units with OEM parts.  You can also expect fast turnarounds and expert technical know how. We also offer Syneron laser rental services, should you need a unit while your system is being repaired.

We can repair the following base units: eMax, eLight, eLaser, elos Plus, eTwo, Aurora, Galaxy, and the Comet.

We can also repair any of Syneron’s cellulite reductions systems: VelaShape I, VelaShape II, VelaShape II and the VelaSmooth

Common repairs include:

  • power supplies
  • system boards
  • circuit boards
  • cooling systems
  • touch screen repairs
  • and more!

We Repair All Syneron Handpieces for All Syneron Laser Systems

We Repair All Syneron Handpieces

syneron handpiece repairs

  • All VelaShape plus VelaSmooth Systems : Large and Small Handpieces
  • All eMatrix, eMax, eLaser, elos Plus, eTwo, Aurora, Galaxy, Comet Handpieces:  AC, DSL, DS, SR, SRA, LV, LVA, Matrix RF, Matrix IR, Sublative, Sublime, ST, WRA and more.

Syneron Handpiece Repairs

All elos Laser Systems ● VelaShape & VelaSmooth Systems

1 Stop Laser specializes in repairing all Palomar handpieces. We provide complete refurbishment of all Palomar IPL and diode handpieces. We carry all OEM parts including outer shells and internal components.

Call (561) 907-7867 today for more information and a free repair quote.

Our repair services includes but are not limited to:

  • new lamp replacement
  • replace crystal
  • laser rod polishing
  • replace trigger
  • replace flow tube
  • crystal polishing
  • alignment
  • calibration
  • reset the shot count

1 Stop Laser can repair any of your Syneron laser equipment and we also sell power supplies, laser heads, lamps, light guides, and accessories. Contact us today for any of your Syneron repair needs.

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